Computer Hardware Sales Agreement

9.2 DCA bonds do not apply to consumable consumables (for example. B toner in printer cartridges) or when a defect is caused by an external cause such as wear, software or hardware, which is loaded by the customer onto the product or connected to it when this software or hardware has not been provided by DCA, an accident, a risk, a humidity check, an electrical charge or any other environmental condition that is not often found in a secure home office or home. 1.2 Using DCA`s services or products, the customer has indicated consent to these conditions and this document establishes the entire agreement between DCA and the customer (”Agreement”) to the exclusion of all other conditions (including those that the customer purports to apply in connection with an order, order confirmation, specification or other document). In addition, using DCA`s services or products, the customer indicated their consent to the end-user license agreement in each product. 4.2 The price of the products is indicated in the order confirmation and in the DCA invoices, without VAT and any costs or charges related to packaging, loading, unloading, transport and insurance, which must be paid in addition by the customer when the customer has to pay for the products. Payment Purchase prices and related fees. Payment must be made at the time of order, unless the contracting parties agree otherwise. The customer pays the total purchase price plus the shipment and, if applicable, the processing, as shown on the e-mail invoice. The customer is also responsible for all taxes related to this purchase and the import of the equipment, if applicable, to include all sales taxes, sales taxes, import taxes/customs duties/tariffs and any other similar taxes collected by a public authority, but not restricted. In addition, the customer is responsible for reporting purchases and/or imports, in accordance with local laws, at his head office and/or where the material is delivered by Kerio. 7.10 Notwithstanding the contrary infringement, business users may cancel orders as described above, with the exception of special orders such as custom hardware systems, mass or custom manufacturing. Customers are informed of this restriction at the time of purchase.

DCA will comply with its legal obligations to repair and/or exchange products. These obligations depend on the correct use of the products and do not cover parts of products that have been modified or repaired without DCA`s prior written consent. Customers must give DCA`s technical staff appropriate access to their computer equipment to diagnose problems and perform repairs. This access may include remote office support. If access is denied, DCA assumes no responsibility for a warranty for computer equipment. Limitation of liability. Kerio is not responsible for providing assistance under another agreement between the end user and a kerio dealer or distributor (including, but not only to an extended warranty or maintenance, service or repair contract). Full agreement. This sales agreement is a total understanding of the parties to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous offers, agreements, agreements and agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement.