Data Processing Agreement Canada

1. Object: The purpose of data processing under this data protection authority is that of customer data. 4. To the extent that this service data is considered personal data in accordance with data protection legislation, the company is responsible for this data and processes it in accordance with data protection and data protection laws. In order to avoid any doubt, this authority does not apply to service data. PIPEDA contains a series of fair information processing obligations set out in Schedule 1 of this Act. The main obligations related to the processing of personal data are: (i) identification purposes: the purposes for which personal data is collected are identified by the organization at or before the information is collected (see below); (ii) consent: the knowledge and consent of the person is necessary for the collection, use or disclosure of personal data, unless otherwise authorized by law; iii) Limited collection: the collection of personal data is limited to what is necessary for the purposes of the organization. The information is collected in a fair and legitimate manner; (iv) accuracy: personal data must be as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used; and (v) security measures: personal data must be protected by security measures tailored to the sensitivity of the information. This data processing addendum (”DPA”), including its attached exposure, is part of the terms and conditions of sale between ECOMBIX Oy (”Company,” ”we”) and the customer (”customer”) for the purchase of EIX Oy`s online services (”services”) and reflects the parties` agreement regarding the processing of personal data. 5. Categories of people involved: customer customers. Canadian data protection laws do not contain the concepts defined by the law of the processing manager and the subcontractor. In general, PIPEDA`s data protection rules apply to any organization with respect to personal data that: (i) collects, uses or discloses the organization in the course of commercial activities; or (ii) it is a staff member of the organization who collects, uses or discloses the organization in relation to the work, company or company of the federal government.

7.3. You herebly intend to instruct Thinkific to process personal data in order to provide the Services in accordance with the Agreement (including this addition). You can divide thinkific additional instructions for the written processing of personal data, but Thinkific is only required to execute these additional instructions if they comply with the terms and extent of the agreement and this addition. 8.4. This section 8.4 applies only if and to the extent that you are established in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom or Switzerland, or if you are subject to other requirements in the data protection provisions applicable to you.