Dhs Agreement

Provider Agency Chief Executive Officer und Contract Program Director (promulgated: 1. Department and Supplier Agency Monitoring the level of service provision (promulgated: July 1, 1988) Acquisition, affiliation, consolidation or merger of a supplier agency (promoted: September 1, 1997) Appropriate participation in purchased equipment (Effective: February 1, 1997) Persons providing contract services (promoted: September 1, 1997). July 1988) Financial transactions with customers, Patients and Residents (promoted: August 1, 2000) Affirmative Action Requirements (Effective: November 21, 2007) Reassignment of Funding Clarification – P6.01 , Match Requirements for Social Services Block Grant Services Contracts (Effective: December 6, 2007) 199 1) Appendix A-Standard Language Title XX Purchase of Service Contract, DYFS Form 7-33a (published May 10, 1982) Access to the Department of Human Services (DHS) Contract Policy and Contract Information and Refund Manual on the DHS website (Effective Date: April 25, 1982). , 2005) Additional questions can be asked at the Regional Office responsible for child development: Contract Modification (Published: February 24, 2005) Contract Competitor Term and Provider Agency Fiscal Year (promoted: July 1, 1988) SECTION 7- Medicaid Rate Review Process for Residential Treatment Centers Participating in the Medicaid Program Applicability of the Federal Davis-Bacon Act and the New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act Effective (: May 1, 1999). State of New Jersey Policy on Sexual Harassment (Effective: November 1, 1994) Match Requirement for FY`85 Social Services Block Funding Increase (Effective: October 1, 1984) Department of Human Services` Standard Language Document for Social Services and Training Contracts (Promu: June 30, 2010) Collapsing Direct Care Positions for Budgetary Purposes (Promu: 1. 2000) 1988) Client Eligibility-Division of Mental Health and Hospitals (currently Department of Mental Health Services) (promoted June 22, 1984) Restrictions on the use of federal funds to influence contracting or subcontracting (Bundeslobbying) (Pro 1. September 1993) Nondiscrimination/American with Disabilities Act (promulgated: November 1, 1994) Client Eligibility- Division of Youth – Family Services (promoted: March 24, 1986) Revised Audit Requirements , Circular Policyar P7.06, Section III, A.