What Word Means An Agreement Pulled Together

To succeed, everyone must tighten their own hands and the rope must be kept straight and tight. Every man in this room is a Slav, and we Slavs must come together, otherwise we are lost. How crazy to think that she and I could pull ourselves together. Make a common effort, cooperate, as in When we unite, I am sure we will have held our quota. [Late 1700s] The sun and moon then come together, and we get the highest tides or spring tides (Fig. 232). We need all the men we can count on, and I want you and Vandersee to unite. The act of rowing with rowing; like ”Pull the starboard rowing”, ”Shoot together”. Mebbe, we will all gather for the other shore before the end of this night.

They need to learn that they are a crowd – and that they can`t go any further at all until everyone comes together. And all brothers are capable men, men who are capable of coming together. gather something. Gather or gather, as in Once we gather all the facts, we will understand the situation. [Late 1800s] See also how you pull yourself together. Let us gather all our days, because quarrels bring infertility. .